Posted: Jun 15th | 9:58 AM EDT | By: beelow


The CMG bank allows members to safely, easily, and efficiently view and manage their cash balance.

DEPOSIT FUNDS:  Add money to your CMG profile cash balance easily and quickly.

PRIZE CLAIMS: A prize claim is sent to each member of the winning team for every tournament win. The cash balance will be increased once all required documentation (W9 and Declaration of Facts) have been submitted and verified.

WITHDRAWAL FUNDS: Simply enter the requested withdrawal amount, as well your PayPal email address to deduct money from your CMG cash balance. The funds will then be sent to CMG Admin for further review. All withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours.

BANK HISTORY: View a complete and detailed list of all deposits, withdrawals, CMG store purchases such as elite memberships, credits, XP points, and more.

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