Xbox One X

Posted: Jun 16th | 12:14 PM EDT | By: beelow

Xbox One X


launch date:07/11/2017




CPU: Eight-core AMD 2.3GHz processor

GPU: 40 compute units at 1172MHz


Bandwidth: 326GB/s

Storage: 1TB hard disk

Disc: UHD Blu-ray player

Video: 4K output, HDR 10 support


Microsoft revealed at the E3 conference the previously titled Xbox Scorpio will be releasing as the Xbox One X. Not only will this be the smallest Xbox ever made (11.8 x 9.4 x 2.4 inches), it is loaded with more power than any other gaming console. Running the same software as the Xbox One, The Xbox One X will be fully backwards-compatible meaning Xbox One users will not have to rebuy their Xbox One games. Xbox One games will also have better performance, better images and faster load times. The Xbox One X comes equipped with a liquid cooled vapor chamber processor and ability to run games at 4K resolution.

The big questions now are gamers willing to pay the $500 price tag?  The Sony PlayStation Pro is still $100 less. Even though the Xbox One X comes with some serious power, Chance are most of gamers either have allegiance to either PS4 or Xbox or will be relying on exclusive games to decide which of those two machines is right for them.

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