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Love Apex Legends on XBOX ONE? Want to make more money just by playing video games? This is the place to get started. Here on our Xbox One Apex Legends Challenges, you can post matches on our Matchfinder or send direct challenges to any team you want to challenge directly. The Matchfinder is a great place to find current teams looking to play or a place to post matches of your own. With our challenges Matchfinder, you can set up your matches in ways you want to. This allows our players to be able to play in ways they like and include different challenge options to maybe spice the match up a bit more. Our Matchfinder is one of the most robust systems in the industry giving the tools to our players.

Why not take advantage of your matches, by picking up one of our Elite Memberships in the Store! This allows you to have fee-free challenge matches and enabling you to maximize your prize pool payout for each match you play. With the Elite Membership, this gives you higher priority in your tickets while also giving you additional goodies like Double XP and Stat Resets. Want additional support on your challenge matches without needing to wait for a ticket to be responded to? Select the Live Support challenge option on your match. For a small fee from the winning prize pool allows you to get assistance from a live support admin on your match. Our admins are trained in each game to be able to handle each situation to bring the best support to each match.

Are you looking to find new players? Check out the Free Agent list. This is where you can see players looking to play with others. This allows you to find players that fit your play style. New free agents are added each day, be sure to check regularly as so you can see new friends to play with. Checkmate Gaming is here to make sure you have the fairest and competitive matches. Our goal is to bring the most competitive experience in online challenges while also bringing the best support around. This allows the community for online eSports to grow and to help bring more into it. We pride ourselves in taking feedback from our community and adapting to changes in the industry.

If the Xbox One Challenges are not enough for you, why not check out our Tournaments for Apex Legends. Here at Checkmate Gaming, we host a variety of games 24/7. Grab the big cash prizes and grab a shiny gold for your account and gloat to all your friends. With each win brings in more ways of making money with your competitive skills while also finding new ways to show off your skills to everyone. Take to the sky, and fight for the champion spot. So, what are you waiting for? Looking to get a new gaming chair, need a new monitor, need to upgrade your system to the next level? Then try out our Challenges today and win that cash prizes!