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Now that full cross-platform play is available, Xbox, PC, and PlayStation Players can compete for free in our Modern Warfare ladders with the opportunity to advance into a playoff we may have running! Our playoff typically consists of the top 32 teams on any given ladder, and they compete online in a specified competitive fame mode for a real cash prize pool!

Our ladders are places where players can compete for FREE against one another to earn experience points to advance up into the top of the leaderboard! We highly recommend playing in our ladders if you are looking to get a handle on how these games are played online competitively.

We host many online matches for real cash prizes, so it is exciting to offer players a place where they can compete in the same way without the monetary risk of losing money. On our ladders is where you can prove yourself to others and hopefully get invited to play with other players in our paid cash challenges or tournaments.

If it's your first time playing in a competitive match, we'd love to give you a hand in learning the ropes, at any point in time our staff is available 24/7 in our live chat located at the bottom right-hand corner of the website to answer any question you might have!

Modern Warfare for PC is one of the biggest releases for Activision in the series. Bringing the series back to its roots and focusing more on the gunplay and competitive modes, bringing new game modes like Gunfight and classics like Hardpoint. With this year's release, they also want to focus more on realism, bringing in military experts to help bring it closer to the boots on the ground format. While also striking a balance between fun and competitiveness. In Modern Warfare, 2019 weapons have more of a realistic feel to them; realism is present in many ways from how much they hit for during a melee attack to more realistic gunfire sounds. Game visuals have been enhanced with a new engine allowing for amazing visuals and the introduction of NVidia's RTX technology into Call of Duty for the first time.