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CMG PC Transition

With the recent announcement of PC (with controller) being allowed in the Call of Duty League we have an important announcement to make. Many of our players have asked where we will be headed when Cold War releases and the remainder of the Warzone Season on MW. Our main goal at CMG is to ensure that all players are welcome regardless of your platform. This is a decision that has been made to better the competitive scene and not exclude any players. We will monitor feedback and results over the next several months regarding these adjustments.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation during this transition.

Cold War Multiplayer (Not Effective until November 13)
Tournaments and Challenges;
Cross-Platform: Playstation + Xbox + PC (with controller)

Challenge Match Options;
PC (Allowed/Not Allowed)
Mouse + Keyboard (Allowed/Not Allowed)

All PC Players will be required to stream all matches

Warzone (Effective Immediately)
Tournaments and Challenges;
Cross-Platform: PlayStation + Xbox + PC (All Inputs)

Challenge Match Options: 
PC (Allowed/Not Allowed)
Mouse + Keyboard (Allowed/Not Allowed)

All PC Players will be required to stream all matches

Hacking Procedure
All PC players on CMG will be vetted by our staff. Random checks on PC players will occur if we find or see anything suspicious. At any point in time our staff may complete a random check that will include the following, but not limited to; 

  • Proving that you are using “Display Capture” on your streaming software.
  • Providing VODs from your past matches. (Must have Past Broadcasts on)

Any user who is unable to provide us information in a “Random Check” will be banned from our website for 14 Days (1st Offense), 30 Days (2nd Offense), and Permanently (3rd Offense).

At CMG we are determined on ensuring competitive players during this transition. Anyone who is found cheating/hacking in any game on our website will be permanently banned from the platform with no questions asked. Any players who participated on the same team as someone banned for cheating/hacking will be banned for 30 Days (1st Offense) or Permanently (2nd Offense) with no questions asked.

How to stream Call of Duty on PC - CMG Stream requirements for PC players

We recommend using OBS Studio or Streamlabs as these are the most two common programs for streaming and the easiest to setup. For those with lower-end computers, you will also be able to stream off AMD Streaming and Nvidia GeForce Experience. Other options may include XSplit, Elgato Game Capture, and AVerMedia.

Minimum Stream Requirements:
Bitrate: 2,500 Kbps
Output Resolution: 960x540
FPS: 30

Recommended Stream Settings:
Bitrate: 4,000 Kbps (The maximum bitrate for Twitch is 6,000 Kbps)
Output Resolution: 1280x720
FPS: 60

Past Broadcasts MUST be enabled. If an admin is not able to review your entire match you will risk losing the match with zero questions asked. (Click here for tutorial)

Submitting Proof in Tickets on PC

  1. After winning your match, clip the last 30 seconds of winning
    • Put this clip in Proof Section 1
  2. Enable past broadcasts on your Twitch Stream
    • Click your user icon in the top right
    • Click Creator Dashboard on the dropdown menu
    • Under the Settings tab click on ‘stream’
    • Here you will need to ensure that “Store Past Broadcasts” is checked
      • Keep in mind if this is not enabled and an admin is not able to review the VOD from the entire map from start to finish you will receive the loss.
  3. Find your VOD and the time at which your match started at
    • Put the link to your VOD in Proof Section 2
  4. Ticket Message needs to include your claim + the VOD timestamp of when the match starts

Ticket Example: Click Here - Formatting your ticket this way will make it easy for an admin to review your proof and solve the dispute quickly!

Disclaimer: We have a zero-tolerance policy when reviewing tickets. If your ticket does not contain the information asked for above then you will receive the loss on the match with no questions asked. If an admin is not able to view your VOD (Deleted or subscriber-only), you will automatically receive the loss for the match with no questions asked.

Players found cheating
Here at CMG, we have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who is cheating/hacking. If we find, in your stream or VOD, that you are using a 3rd party software to cheat/hack you will be permanently banned.

Admins may at any time require additional proof from any user who we may suspect is hacking. Failure to provide additional proof to an admin may result in a ban/forfeit on your match.