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Checkmate Gaming is the leading platform for online competitive eSports, we provide excellent support and competitive environments for all our player. Our base is predominantly made up of competitive Call of Duty players, and we pride ourselves on giving them the most competitive tournaments and matches as well as the best support in the industry. Our players have gone on to beat some of the greatest teams in eSports and even join in their ranks, we proudly support the competitive environment for Call of Duty that our players demand. Here at CMG, we hope to see you make a name for yourself in our Call of Duty tournaments the way so many competitive players have!

Call of Duty Online Tournaments

Here at Checkmate Gaming, we support a broad range of tournaments with our roots starts with Call of Duty. We support many titles across the series ranging from Modern Warfare 2 to the latest release Black Ops 4. Our CoD Tournaments are the most competitive in the eSport industry with our tournaments paving the way to new and exciting rules and playstyles. At CMG, we run all sorts of game types to meet any players styles like Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, Control, Team Deathmatch, and Domination.

With many different game types come a lot of rules and training of our team. This is something we are willing to do to bring support to each game type allowing for each mode have rules that are specific to them. Where one mode may be about getting the most kills possible, to another just achieving the most points, they all have different ways of achieving those. Checkmate Gaming’s rule team will then go over each game mode and understand how they work and find possible problems that they can then provide workarounds. Our team of admins is then trained on the game modes and rules to understand them and to make any changes needed so when we go live; our team is ready to handle any situation. This has worked so well for Checkmate Gaming that many other significant events and competitors have copied or changed rules based on how we run them. Proving that we are the industry leader in competitive online eSports. We strive to keep our rules fair and balance for our loyal player base.

Checkmate Gaming Call of Duty Tournaments has large prize payouts resulting in some of the biggest tournament payouts in online tournaments around. Our team at CMG makes this possible by providing a platform that is both fair and competitive. We train our staff to understand each Call of Duty game we support so we can provide each match with the best support if there is to come to any issues. Our team is trained for any, and all changes that happen to the game due to new updates or glitches found, allowing us to adapt our rules on the spot and make matches played fairly and keeping them competitive.

Our CoD Tournaments run 24/7 allowing players at any time of the day or anywhere around the world in supported regions to be able to play during the times they are available to play. This also allows players from around to world to play with one another allowing them to cross the ocean without needing to leave their own homes. This brings out some of the best players in parts of the world that can compete competitively where once this was not possible.

With our online Tournaments, this has allowed players to play from the comfort of their homes and allowing them to compete in many different ways that were not possible in the past. Before you use to have to know where you local or nearby LAN event was to try and qualify and get into the industry, but now with Call of Duty Online Tournaments, this has made the process much more comfortable and more competitive. Online competitive tournaments and matches that we run have allowed more newcomers to sprout their wings and show other players their skills and abilities. It also has had the effect in many instances of enabling many of the Pro teams to see them. Checkmate Gaming has been a community favorite place to play on due to its competitive and fair nature that many current pro players choose it as their platform of choice. This has allowed for many newcomers on Checkmate Gaming to be picked up by pro teams and play in professional competitive tournaments. With Checkmate Gamings online tournaments being available, this has helped bridge that gap and bring new and fresh air into the pro Call of Duty scene that has once not been seen before.

Call of Duty Gaming Platforms


Call of Duty for Xbox is one of the first online shooters to exist for the system. Starting with Call of Duty 2 on the Xbox 360 this helped launch the new era of Consoles and Xbox Live. As a launch title for the Xbox 360, this started the online era for Call of Duty on consoles and brought forth large LAN events. This has been traditionally the way for many players to make their way into the pro-competitive leagues and make a living by winning big tournament prizes. With Checkmate Gaming, we created a platform for Call of Duty. This brought another form to the eSports industry for players to play in Tournaments and Wagers for large cash prizes.

Call of Duty for the Xbox was a continued hit with each iteration with such big titles like Modern Warfare and World at War, these becoming some of the most played games on Xbox Live to this day. These two games brought in some of the core staples into the series with each game basing their games off from these core sets. Call of Duty for the Xbox has continued to have a healthy life on Xbox Live and bringing players together around the world.

Checkmate Gaming supports many generations of Call of Duty games. With the Xbox One support for backward compatible titles, this has allowed us to bring support for even older generation of titles including the likes of Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 2. Players including Pros have been able to play on Checkmate Gaming for big cash prizes allowing for many players to enjoy a healthy living style doing something they love. Checkmate Gaming will enable players to bring their skills up to a competitive level and play from the comfort of their own home.


With the PlayStation, Sony did not really do well with the eSport scene whether it be due to Software support on their hardware having limitations, or just due to Microsoft's dominance in online with their Xbox Live Services, Call of Duty is not new to the platform. There have been lots of Call of Duty titles since the PS2, with lots of many exclusive spin-off titles. This includes one of the first Call of Duty games to be created and developed by the studio which is still working on Call of Duty games to this date, Treyarch. Their first entry into the series Title Call of Duty 2: Big Red One was enough to give them the green light to work on the first main title in the series, Call of Duty 3. Since then, Treyarch and launched many titles like Call of Duty: World at War, to their long and still running Black Ops series of the franchise. After the disband of Infinity Ward's head and many staff members, Treyarch took the helm of the Call of Duty series. Treyarch has brought new types of game modes to play like their popular Zombies and their most recent take on the Battle Royale Genre, Blackout.

Call of Duty for PlayStation has been in recent growth. Once dominated by the Xbox due to the excellent online support from Microsoft with their intuitive Xbox Live and dominance in the eSport scene, the sides have switched with the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4. With special deals with Activision and excellent support with Sony with their online services and hardware, this has brought many players over to Call of Duty on PS4. Call of Duty is currently at its largest with PlayStation and with continued growth in sales for the PS4 has continued that dominance for this generation of consoles. With Pro League events played exclusively on PS4, many players have also moved to the PS4 to support their favorite shooter Call of Duty.

Checkmate Gaming tournaments and wagers have been widely popular with some of the biggest prize tournaments, and wager matches played on PS4. Players have been playing for money and allowing them to take their competitive skills and gaming to that next level by being able to take those cash prizes and purchasing things like new Systems, Controllers, Monitors, and even make money to help pay for rent, housing, and their cars. With Call of Duty on PS4 and so many players on the platform, this has allowed the possible prize pool to be near limitless on the kind of money that can be won.


Call of Duty for the PC is one of the most massive First-Person shooters in the industries. Starting first on PC, this soon became a fan-favorite shooter of everyone. This sparked the first wave of shooters into the eSports scene. Call of Duty was created from Infinity Ward coming straight of the heels from their previous title Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. This PC/Mac exclusive title was rated one of the best games of its time and bringing that to their new title Call of Duty was no easy task. Their Single Player story was compelling, telling of different perspectives of soldiers. This was not all that made Call of Duty stick out; it was its robust Multiplayer. The shooting and weapon selection of World War II felt great and made each match feel intense with each encounter. This arena style shooter mixed with realistic weapons brought players together at LAN events creating large cash prize tournaments. This continued throughout the Call of Duty series bringing in new entries for multiple generations of devices all while growing out into the eSports industry in the grand way that it has today.

With the growth of eSports, players have been looking for more ways to play and make money with their gaming skills. This is where the online tournament scene came in to help feed that hunger. Checkmate Gaming has been supporting the new and old generation of Call of Duty titles and was started on the great success of Call of Duty. With the scene being shifted more towards consoles with Call of Duty, PC took a little bit of a back seat to consoles. Not long did the PC players need to wait for true support in Call of Duty again, as with the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, they released a title that was not just as great as any shooter should be for PC players but bringing full support for PC specific features. The PC community exploded once again, and players of Call of Duty on PC were able to compete in competitive tournaments and wagers. Checkmate Gaming brought Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Tournaments, Ladders, and Wagers on launch. This has allowed PC players for Call of Duty to play for big cash prizes and challenge other players for cash. In doing so, this has allowed players to make money playing Call of Duty for PC so they can buy new things like Monitors, Gaming Chairs, Headsets, New Computer Parts and so much more.

PC players demand the most from their systems and their games, especially shooters, things that can make a difference like input delay, refresh rates, the field of view and much more. Things you don’t hear much about on Consoles makes Call of Duty on PC some of the most fierce and competitive playing field out there. Players will purchase specific hardware or even peripherals to get that slight edge. With full support on Black Ops 4 for PC, this has allowed the PC community to jump back in and bring their shooter skills into their standard competitive game types or the new Blackout Battle Royale mode.