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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tournaments

Play Modern Warfare and win huge cash prizes in our Online tournaments here at Checkmate Gaming, for as little as $1 in credits from our shop, you can put your skill to the test against hundreds or even thousands of other players on a daily basis. We offer cash prize tournaments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with ridiculously high payouts! Once you win your cash prize in our tournaments, you'll be paid out speedily and be able to withdraw that huge cash prize right into your Paypal account.

Modern Warfare tournaments on Xbox and PS

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is set to take the stage as the latest advancement of competitive innovation in the Call of Duty franchise. At last, for the first time in this series, players will now be able to compete across their preferred platforms, meaning whether it be an Xbox or a PlayStation. Xbox and PS4 players here on checkmate Gaming will be able to participate in a wide array of Free to Play, Credit-based paid tournaments, and even premium members only tournaments with huge cash prize pools. Now that players can come together and get their frag on at an even faster pace than the previous Call of Duty titles has set before, it is where we at CMG come into play.

COD:Modern Warfare tournaments for cash prizes

Checkmate Gaming allows you to put your skill to the test and take home real cash prizes for playing competitively in our online tournaments and winning. We specialize in first-person shooter games, especially Call of Duty titles. Our tournaments boast the largest prize pools with the highest payouts. We even host Guaranteed tournaments where we ensure a large cash prize no matter how many teams join, and we host Elite member tournaments that our premium members may participate in for FREE! If you want to give our competitions a try, we also host tournaments with cash and credit prize pools that are entirely free to enter on occasion, and these are an excellent way to try us out as well as win a few bucks!

Play to win cash and earn the notoriety of the competitive community. Win cash prize tournaments and show off your trophies to the world here on Checkmate Gaming!