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New members

Checkmate Gaming [CMG] is a leading eSports platform of the most competitive online video game competitions for the top gaming enthusiast and players across America. The innovative platform offers gamers the chance to play the top video games in the industry for real money through daily/weekly online ladders, tournaments and wagers. 

Before a player is eligible to compete in any type of competition (ladders/tournaments/wagers) they must register and create a CMG Player Account. The registration process includes the following:username + password, email address, birthday, XB1/PSN ID’s (optional), and time zone. Players are required to fill in all necessary fields, as well as agree to the stated Terms & Conditions. 

When creating a team, you must select the correct number of players to meet that team’s roster requirements (the roster requirements will vary according to the type of competition). You can see a list of all your teams / the teams you’ve joined by clicking on “My Teams” in CMG user menu (right side). Once you have created a team proceed to the team’s profile page, click Manage Team, then click Manage Roster, and choose which members you’d like to invite by entering their CMG username in the “Add New Member” text area. And finally, click “Invite User” (blue button).

The Free Agent page was created to assist players who need help forming a team. You can go from being a lone solider, to building your own dream team. 

You can get banned for a variety of reasons like not playing fairly, not reporting accurate/truthful game results, or providing a false identification. If you are caught on any of these infractions your account will be flagged immediately and you risk permanently banning your account. 


Go to the drop-down navigation bar by clicking your username in the top right menu. When the drop-down menu opens scroll down and click on either “Cash Balance” or “My Bank” (both work), which then directs you to the “CMG Bank”. Now click the blue DEPOSIT button and it’ll automatically like you to your PayPal account. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, click "Deposit via PayPal™, and you’re done.

*NOTE: there’s a minimum $5.00 total deposit and a fee of 3% + $0.30 USD that applies

Navigate to the drop-down user menu by clicking your username in the top right corner or click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner. If you clicked your username (right) then go down the menu and click on “CMG Store.” If you opened the drop-down menu from the left side (3 lines) click on “Shop”. Move down the page until you see the section called “Credits”. Select the credit package you want to purchase, then click the “CMG Cash” button – this will automatically withdraw funds from your PayPal account.

*NOTE: CMG credits are non-refundable.

Click your username in the top right corner and then “Edit”. You can easily add or make changes to your CMG profile at any time. Profile modifications include things like adding your YouTube account, uploading a video, a profile picture, changing your gamertag, etc… 

Open the drop-down menu by clicking on your username in the top right corner. Once there click on "Cash Balance" or “My Bank.” Press the “Withdraw Funds” button where you’ll need to provide the desired amount and your PayPal email address. Then press the blue “Withdraw” button and your funds will be withdrawn. 

*NOTE: please ensure that the provided PayPal email is correct and verified. Money cannot be sent to unverified accounts. Once submitted, the PayPal email cannot be changed.

Elite membership

How Much Does An Elite Membership Cost?

There are three different types of Elite Membership’s you can choose from:

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Month
  • 6 Month

Paypal purchase 

Not Available Currently

CMG cash recurring purchase





What Are The Benefits Of Being An Elite Member?

·         (5) 24-hour Double XP’s on first purchase

·         High priority tickets

·         Expedited withdraws

·         Instant team switch eligibility

·         Access to huge cash prize elite only tournaments

·         Support fee free ticketed wager matches

·         Stat reset on first purchase



How Do I Buy An Elite Membership?

You can access the “CMG Store” from this way:

1) click the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner, go down 6 titles and click on “Shop”.

Once you’re on the page scroll down until you see the “Elite Membership” section. Choose the membership package you want to purchase and press the “CMG Cash” button – this will withdraw the funds from your PayPal account.

**NOTE: when you purchase an Elite Membership through CMG Cash auto-renewal is on/active and is non-refundable. To cancel this  you must go to purchased items section


A ladder match (ladders) is a free to play system, where players can post/accept match on the match finder and competes against one another. Each time a time wins their team and individual members earn experience points “XP”, each time a team loses the team and the individual members lose XP. XP is what determines a team ranking on the ladder leader boardand a member’s website ranking. The top 32 teams from the ladder leader board are moved each season to a playoff tournament to compete for x amount. In addition to competing for the chance to be entered into CMGs playoff tournament, each week the top 3 players that have earned the most XP are given credits to join paid entry tournaments.

Rules are located within each ladder competition. To see available ladder matches click the menu in the top left corner, then click “Ladders”, select your gaming console (Xbox 1 or PS4) from the drop-down menu, then pick the game you want to know the rules for. Under the ladder’s match details you’ll see 4 blue buttons, “Rules” being one of them – click this to read the ladders rules.  

Before you can create a team you first need to pick the game and gaming console you want to play on. Then you need to choose the team type: singles/doubles/team. A team is created according to the selected team type, as the number of allowed players on your team must meet all roster requirements. 

Once you’ve created your team you can visit the “Match Finder” page where you can either create a match or accept other posted matches. To create a match, click “Create Match” and fill in all relevant fields. Posting a match in the Match Finder allows other teams to view the match and either accept or decline it. Members can play in ladders only when the match has been accepted. 

Members will send one another a friend request through Xbox Live or the Play Station network and hosting team will send an invite to private match. For ladders, a best of 1 match the host is the team that is ranked highest on the leader board. For a best of 3 match the lowest seed would host first and the highest seed would host 2ndand 3rd. To see which team will host each map click on Match Details.   

Go to the Match Details page and click on “Report Match” (blue button). You’ll then be navigated to the Reporting page where you can submit your match scores/results. For example: a winning team would report that they won and the opposing team can either accept or decline the report. If the report is declined the match would go into dispute status. If a losing team reports a loss before the winning team reports a win, then the winning team must still accept the report.

*NOTE: if a team reports a win and the opposing team doesn’t accept or decline the report 90 minutes after the time of the scheduled match, then the team that reported the match would receive a win. All disputes are handled through Live Support.


The team size depends on the tournament joined. Teams can range from 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 - usually consisting of 32 to 64 teams.

You can register for a tournament by opening the “Tournament List” from the drop-down menu in the top left corner. After you have selected the game and gaming console you want to play click the “Join Tournament” button. If there is no button present, then the tournament is not open for registration. After your team is created you must send team invites unless it is a 1vs1 tournament. After your teammates accept the team invite, you must revisit the tournament and click join again. From there you will have the option to create a new team or select your already created team. If you select your already created team, it will allow you to select the members you wish to compete with. Here you have the option to pay your teammates entry fee or for each person to pay their own individual entry fee. Once you have made your selection, your team has officially joined the tournament.

To receive your prize go to “My Bank” and click “Prize Claims”. Here you have the option to pick cash or credits as your prize, the credits option is an added 20% of the cash selection. Once claimed the cash or credits will be automatically added to your CMG balance. 

Once you have earned $600 a W-9form is required, you will be prompted “awaiting documents” when claiming prize. Please submit your completed W9 form, as well as your CMG Username, to W9@checkmategaming.com. For help with filling out your W9 form please visit our live support.


Wagers are simply ladder matches where the team that posts the match decides how much CMG money per member they want to wager. The accepting team agrees to the post amount to be wagered, each member of the winning team will earned the posted amount.

Yes, outside of the restricted areas listed in our Terms & Conditions, a wager match is completely legal and is not considered online gambling. This is because a players skill, strategy, and technique are the only factors that determine the winner. Please note skilled gaming is illegal in Arizona, Maryland, Connecticut and Quebec.

Click on the “Wager” tab in the top left menu, go to the Match Finder, and see the available wager matches. Accepting a wager match is the same as all other matches except wagers will denote the amount. Posting a wager match is the same process as ladders you’ll just need to select the “Wager” option as one of your choices.  

If you are a non-Elite Member, then there is a 10% fee for any Cash-Out match that you win. ELITE members do not get charged a fee.

To enable wagers open the drop-down user menu (top right corner) and click on “Wager Activate”. Once activated you are free to join and play in the wager match of your choice. If you disable wager matches, you will not be able to post or accept, if you are on a team they will also not be able to schedule a match with your user. This helps members from being entered in matches they do not wish to play. 

Wager disputes are treated just like every other dispute, which requires players to upload and enter proof of the disputed claim. Players in wagers are given priority over normal matches and a decision should be reached within 24 hours.

*NOTE: disputing a wager match without legitimate proof can result in strict penalties and the risk of getting permanently banned. 

Within the Ladders page, select the match you want to join, go to “Match Finer”, and click “Post Match”. When filling out the match options proceed as normal and just where it says “Wager” simply enter the amount you want to play for. 

If one team refuses to report results, the winning team will receive the win 90 minutes after they have reported their match. If one team reports and the other team accepts, the funds will be added to your CMG cash balance instantly.

When you are given a win for a wager match, the winning amount will automatically go in your CMG bank balance. If you want to withdraw that money, simply go to your bank and select the withdraw option.

No. Players cannot pay for team members wager entry. 

Ticket center + support

Submitting a ticket essentially means that you’ve encountered an issue and/or problematic matter which needs to be addressed/solved. Tickets can be about game play issues, suspected cheating, suspicious account activity, support questions, disputes, etc.

You can submit a ticket via “Tickets” in the drop-down menu, then press “create a new ticket”. Make sure you only submit one ticket per dispute, explain your side of the story, and submit valid proof. If you are interested in escalating a ticket, you will need to go into the ticket you choose to escalate upon being responded to by a staff member, and click "escalate" by the Ticket ID.

Note: Only Elite Members have the option to escalate tickets.

Live Support is located in the bottom right hand corner of all pages.

*NOTE: Live Support is offered (Sun-Thu) between 12:00pm-5:00am (EST) and on weekends (Fri-Sat) between 12:00pm-7:00am (EST).

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