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XBOX: Gaming for Everyone

Microsoft has always attempted to reach as many people as possible with their product. This time, they have attempted to create an opportunity to allow people with disabilities to play video games on their systems. Xbox has recently announced their plans to create a controller for gamers with disabilities. The Xbox Adaptive Controller was revealed in May 2018. It is a rectangular, white controller with 2 coaster shaped buttons and a D-pad. It has 21 ports around the rim of  that allows additional accessories to be added. The peripherals can be added to accommodate the gamer. Peripherals such as foot pedals, mouthpiece controlled by breath. The future accessibility of gaming to the audience with disabilities has opened up Microsoft to open a new suggestion.


Microsoft has created a relationship with the Special Olympics. The Seattle competition include many traditional sports and many contestants participating in adaptive versions of those sports. Microsoft  and the Special Olympics have chosen to focus on adding Forza Motorsport 7 into the competition. This is a large step for esports and Microsoft and the audience has opened up and esports has been accepted by an olympic organization. Also, the not so prevalent racing genre of esports will get a chance to shine in the US. The competition will be viewed by a large crowd assumed to be unfamiliar with esports. Microsoft has helped grow esports indirectly and may be more impactful than most are expecting