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Cross-Console Fortnite Challenges is where all Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players compete against each other for money. With Fortnite now allowing for players to easily play against one another, we can bring bother platforms together for the first time. For players looking to play games for money and play online from the comfort of their home, this is a great way to take your competitive gaming skills and turn them into big cash. With Fortnite being one of the largest competitive games to be available today, this is a great way to open that cash prize pool to larger challenges.

With Cross-Console challenges, you can play one of the biggest competitive eSports games from the comfort of your home. Being able to play players around the world any time of the day allowing you to set your own matches and terms as need with the different modes we offer. Looking to just show up your opponent or looking to just show off those skills, why not make money doing it? With the current growth and support for Cross-Console titles, it allows players to play on anything they want to without the need to go out and purchase a new device just to play with their friends. You are opening the door for more players making money available larger than ever before.


                Are you looking to make the most out of your matches? Grab an Elite Membership from the Store page. Checkmate Gaming’s Elite Membership gives you benefits like Double XP, Stat Resets and allowing you to win more cash by waving your match fee. If you want to get top support for your matches, you can select Live Support as your match option. This allows you to take advantage of our 24/7 support and get assistance with your match anytime from one of our top-trained admins on Live Support for only a small fee. With these kinds of benefits, you can maximize your earnings and ranking on the site to become one of the best players on Checkmate Gaming.


                If you are looking to compete for large prize pools with little entry cost, checkout our Cross-Console Fortnite tournaments, we run all sorts of tournaments ranging from Frees, credit entries and Elite tournaments. This is where you can compete against other players to win your way to first and win the large prizes. With Cross-Console combining the two largest consoles into one, this increases the player size increasing the prize pools for each tournament allowing players to earn large sums of cash just by being good at the game.

Looking just to make money, show off your gaming skill or just a very competitive player? Play in our Cross-Console challenges for money and take your skills to the next level. With the community continuing to grow and bringing in fresh players every day, this allows you to find new friends or even find your rival. With Cross-Console challenges, play solo or play with a friend and play games for money any time of the day.