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Want to play Apex Legends your PlayStation 4 for real cash prizes? Looking to feed that craze for competition and make some cash while doing it? Then why not play in our Apex Legends Challenges on Sony's PS4. Here you can post matches on our Matchfinder or even send direct challenges to any team you would like to directly challenge. You can play for as low as $1 and turn your skills into cash. With our Matchfinder, we allow players to find and create matches that fits their needs allowing them to play from their own home. Apex Legends is just getting started, so come make a name for yourself here!

Respawn Entertainment comprises of many of the original staff that came from Infinity Ward who works on big titles like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. There most recent shooter Titan Fall was a big hit with fans, bring new innovative gameplay to the table. With the big boom from Royale games, Respawn fell in love with games like PUBG. They wanted to bring their take into the market with their long history of shooters and take their twist to the game. They decided the best case was to combine their already great game Titan Fall 2 with some elements from hero shooters like Overwatch and bring it all together into a Battle Royale game. They knew the task wasn’t going to be easy, but with their standards of making their shooters the best in the market, they hit with a great launch. With over 2 Million players on day one, this was going to be another shooter players wanted to play. This is where we at Checkmate Gaming knew we could bring our rules and competitive game modes to this game. Our challenges are a great place to take this shooter and turn that into cash into your pockets.

To take advantage of your matches, make sure to grab one of our Elite Memberships in the Store! This allows you to have fee-free challenge matches and allows you to maximize your payouts for each match. It even gives you higher priority in your ticket matches while also giving you additional packages like Double XP and Stat Resets. Take advantage of our trained staff by selecting your challenge matches as live support. This will only charge a small fee from your winning prize pool allowing you to get assistance from a live support admin. Don’t wait for your tickets to be responded to, get your match resolved with a live support admin on the spot.

With the growth of the eSports industry comes lots of new changes and additions which requires dedication from a team that not only supports Apex Legends, but also plays and learns the game inside and out to train our stuff to their fullest. We don’t just strive to be the best, we go beyond the best to bring the community together to a platform that supports fair and competitive gaming. Checkmate Gaming is always on the bleeding edge and pushing the envelope on where to take the industry next and with that, we bring you more ways to earn big cash prizes at a competitive level.