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Relive some of the most revolutionary features in Call of Duty in their original format with our Call of Duty: Ghost challenges. For the most devoted Ghost lovers, CheckMate Gaming offers a variety of challenges for Call of Duty: Ghost for endless hours of fun and competition. COD: Ghost offers three styles of play from singles to team tournaments with the chance to win money and prizes. With up to 200 competitors, players can explore CheckMate’s competitive video gaming opportunities for Call of Duty: Ghosts no matter their intensity level.
Whether brand new to the world of esports or a professional, CheckMate offers fair and balanced customized challenges. Players can choose to join challenge matches or create one of their own set to their preferences and play into their own skillset. Match options include a single match or the best of three or five. Hosts also have the option of choosing the size of the match while players can enjoy gaming with set rules and restrictions determined by CheckMate Gaming.
CheckMate Gaming offers a wide variety of PS4 challenges for money with the flexibility and customization that fits your lifestyle. Whether a casual gamer or a devotee, we offer a number of tournaments for cash prizes with a quick payout, prioritizing our gamers unlike our competitors. With the gamer in mind, CheckMate Gaming offers an affordable option to play games for money.
Working to revolutionize online gaming, we try to stretch your money as far as it can go, offering discounts for every month you buy. Checkmate gaming offers an Elite membership to help cut costs that come with competitive gaming. For just $5.99 a month, players can play in Elite Only Tournaments, ranging from $300 to $1000, for free, receive two hour withdraws, high priority tickets and instant team switch. We also waive our 10% winning fee for Elite members. However, members can receive a discount for bulk buying their membership, receiving up to 6 months for as little as $26.00.
Don’t know if you should commit to the membership because you don’t have a team? Not a problem. We offer a free agent forum for players to meet and connect over. Players just have to go over and register as a free agent, allowing other players to find you and connect with you to form teams and partnerships quicker and easier than ever before. Or you can scope out players who have already registered and connect so you can jump into the next Ghost game as soon as possible.
Call of Duty competitors can choose from a variety of our Call of Duty challenges by checking out our PS4 challenges. CheckMate Gaming is working to provide the most revolutionary competitive gaming experience available to gamers everywhere. From FIFA 18 to the Call of Duty series, CheckMate Gaming is a pack leader in the world of competitive gaming, providing a wide array of gaming opportunities for everyone. Working to improve the competitive gaming experience, we hope you enjoy the competitive gaming services we feature on our varied platforms here at CheckMate Gaming, the world’s leading platform for competitive gaming.