CROSSCONSOLE Fortnite: Battle Royale ladders


Season: | 1235 teams


Season: | 2667 teams

The epicness of Fortnite is unbelievable, especially when it comes to the Battle Royale community. Our XBOX One Ladders are designed to create a fair advantage of gameplay and still allow our players to show their skills! Our Fortnite ladders are structured to contest you skills against the top players in the community. Competitive gaming has found its home at Checkmate Gaming and now you can show off your skills from anywhere you like. Compete in our ladders and join the ladder of your choice! Ladders run on a competitive structure. Even if you are not a professional, our casual gamer also have a variety of competitions. Playing games for money has become a norm! You don’t need to find a time and place to gather with friends to play. All you have to do is link up and play. We have even made it easy to find teammates. We made a way to make it smooth. Check for free agents on our free agent page and find the teammates to win. Choose ladders and see a compiled list of players looking to play. We also understand that playing XBOX One tournaments for money can break the bank, and we want to offer a safe place to win money. We try to make it a more affordable experience though and found a way to not charge you too much in entry fees for a couple of games. We, at CheckMate Gaming care about our players and we offer two affordable ways for you to be a part of the competitive video gaming community! Our ladders are free to play and if you have the opportunity to win some money. We offer a variety of opportunities for those looking to start playing esports for money and prizes. Our Fortnite ladders help players develop and test their skills against some of the best competitors in the world without spitting up tons of money just to get in. Players can enjoy the luxury of choosing the ladder while competing for cash prizes. Online gaming has never been easier or more fun, we have ladders for the players playing for fun and the Battle Royale gaming enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy the various online gaming opportunities in this wonderful game and more, we offer here at CheckMate Gaming, the world’s leading platform for competitive gaming.