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Win money by playing 2019’s newest Battle Royale phenomenon, Apex Legends, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA Games, now available on Checkmate Gaming. Team up and battle against your opponents with a roster of unique, colorful Legends, each with their own specific playstyle and abilities. Apex Legends is a stylized new take on the Battle Royale genre with its flashy gunplay, intense graphics, and futuristic design. PS4, XB1 and PC competitors across the world have been awaiting a fresh take on the Battle Royale genre, and Apex Legends has blown away expectations. Challenge your friends or attempt to take down the top players in Apex Legends challenge matches to earn yourself some cash just for playing! Post matches for others to grab and show them who’s boss, or send a direct challenge to a team you know you want to take down, and make money doing both. Team up with your friends and increase the stakes with a big cash pool to see who can take home cake as the Champions of the Arena. There’s no better time to start posting matches for an Apex Legends Cross-Platform challenges on CMG to compete for cash prizes with your friends or solo. Dive into the action and win money playing the newest Battle Royale trend that is Apex Legends. Checkmate Gaming offers you the most streamlined service for you to become a Legend and get the cash you as the player deserves in the most competitive environment around. With effort and skill, you too can become one of the best in Apex Legends and make money doing it.
Since its drop in February 2019, Apex Legends has gained more than 25 million players in only one week with it’s wild gameplay, vivid graphics, fast-paced combat. Post and accept matches 24/7 with offerings to all players within North America & Europe. Challenges can be played for large sums of money per person in the match, making for a huge prize for you to win and fill up your wallet with!

Earn these cash prizes by merely dropping into Checkmate Gaming's competitive challenge ladders on PS4, XB1 and PC. We offer a variety of game modes such as 3v3 Odd Man matches. Strengthen your skill right here on Checkmate Gaming and fatten up your wallet at the same time. By playing in our online Cross-Platform challenges, you can play against high tier players for big money on your road to becoming a Legend yourself! Play Apex Legends on the innovative and populous eSports platform powered by Checkmate Gaming. Take the amazing opportunity to make money playing video games, right here on Checkmate Gaming.
Any issue you might have in your match can be immediately handled by our team of professionally trained eSports administrators. Our admins have a wide array of experience in many PS4, XB1 and PC Esports platforms and most notably the Battle Royale genre. They are here to ensure you have a fair, enjoyable experience in every PS4, XB1 and PC challenge you participate in. Simply post or accept a match you want to play, get your team together via our roster system and drop into King’s Canyon to get your cash prize! Good luck Legends; become the Champions of the Arena.