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440 XP zdobyte 06/17 - 06/24
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Turnieje e-sportowe i rywalizacja w grach wideo od CMG

Tournaments, Wagers and Ladders

CMG offers our players an unrivaled Esports experience in the most popular and fast-paced games of the day being Warzone and all Call of Duty titles, most notably Call of Duty: Vanguard both traditional and Battle Royale Warzone competitions.

Here at CMG, you can also play games for money while blasting your way through competitive online gaming tournaments. Our offerings for Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone are unparalleled in the competitive scene. Your skill is the ticket to a larger bank account and international recognition.

Compete for Cash

CMG has streamlined the process of Esports by engineering a platform that can seamlessly connect you with ladder competitions and wager matches from people all over the world. After creating a CMG account, you can use the network to start playing for cash prizes.

Individual tournaments are simple for finding opportunities to seek out earnings with your gaming skillset. What's also impressive is that you can use your account to find a team of like-minded players to compete by your side. Here at Checkmate Gaming, There are so many daily competitions to get out there and play for cash if you are wary of paying to play in tournaments, we have free tournaments and free ladders that offer cash prizes in the tournaments and certain ladder playoffs!

CMG is also designed to help you find tournaments for your preferred gaming platform. This network can deliver whether you want PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch options. CMG is all about making it easier for you to turn your abilities into money-making opportunities.