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Want to play video games for money? Do you love Call of Duty Ghosts? Well, right here you can play in any Call of Duty Ghosts tournament offered by CheckMate Gaming, With your Xbox One, One S, and soon to be One X you can team up with your friends and enter into one of our most popular tournaments here on CheckMate Gaming. This title from 2013 has received much fanfare as of late with it’s “boots on the ground” style of play and nostalgic factors for many players. Team up with in groups of two, three, or even four and go headlong into the fray to play games for money in this Xbox One tournament. Please also stay tuned to our twitter as well as this page because we are often doing promotions for Call of Duty Ghosts. That page can be found here: @CMG_eSports. This nostalgic online gaming title never stops to impress with how many people are still active and fiercely playing it right here for cash prizes on CheckMate Gaming’s Xbox One tournaments for money.

Call of Duty: Ghosts on Microsoft’s Xbox One, One S, and soon to be One X is among our most popular tournament titles. It appears that Ghosts’ popularity in the competitive gaming community has surged wildly recently. We think this to be the case due to the Activision release of their exciting new title Call of Duty WWII right around the corner at the time of this being written. It’s also our firm belief that it may be a good idea for players to enter into our Call of Duty: Ghosts tournaments to freshen up their skills, the likeness in play style may give them the edge they need once Call of Duty WWII drops in the first week of November. This exciting PS4 tournament is well seasoned within the eSports community because of its established reputation amongst die hard fans. Boot up and play games for money, our PS4 tournaments for money with the cost being as little as a five or ten credit entry fee per player ($3.75USD and $7.50USD). We know you have been in matchmaking and on our competitors, but CheckMate Gaming is where the action is really at when it comes to this Call of Duty tournament. Our lineup of Search and Destroy tournaments with the standard competitive lineup of the popular maps Warhawk , Sovereign, Freight, and Octane are among our most popular on the site and offer very high rewards for prize money.

Competitive video gaming in 2017 is a whole new world and CheckMate Gaming intends to carve out it’s chunk of that world. Compete in our tournaments on the Xbox One and claim your prize. It’s really as easy as that, We always strive to ensure our tournaments are well staffed by an experienced and well mannered crew. You’ll see what the difference is here at CheckMate Gaming once you step into the fight and witness the speed and efficiency that we have implemented on our revolutionary new platform. With our live support administrators always at the ready to make sure your tournament gets up and runs in a timely manner. If you have any suggestions for our Call of Duty Ghosts tournaments for XBOX ONE do not hesitate to reach out to our administrators. We certainly love to get feedback from our players so that we can keep their loyalty!