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Good at Apex Legends on  PS4? Win real cash prizes here on CMG you will find all of Checkmate Gaming’s Apex Legends PlayStation 4 competitive tournaments. Apex Legends is from the creators of Titan Fall and the original Call of Duty and Modern Warfare series, Respawn Entertainment. Bringing another entry into the Battle Royale genre but with their own twist. Bring a mash of hero shooters, the gunplay and movements of Titan Fall into one big Battle Royale, it just a perfect mix of chaos for everyone. With the launch of Apex Tournaments, CMG is bringing the tournament’s top competitive game types to another Royale Game. Launching with our signature Odd-Man, players will play as a team in a 3v3 match and compete to get the most kills. If you are a fan of first-person shooters or looking to try to take over another Royale game, this will feed your hunger. This is only the beginning for Apex Legends, come get onto the ground floor of competitive play!

Checkmate Gaming offers big prize cashes for our tournaments. Tournaments are played from your own home online, with your friends or as a lone soldier. Show off your first-person shooter skills in a new thrilling shooter. Our tournaments run 24/7 bringing all sorts of ways to earn money just by playing in your favorite competitive games. Checkmate Gaming strives to bring the best platform to play on to the competitive gamers. Apex Legends is another game to be brought to our platform with full support under challenges, ladders and tournaments.

We offer Apex Legends Challenges and XP Ladders right here on Checkmate Gaming. If you are looking to challenge players and make some cash just by using your gaming skills, this we offer a platform to be able to do that. If you want to make the most out of your challenge matches, be sure to grab an Elite Membership from our Store. This will remove your challenge fee and gives you higher priority tickets while also giving you double XP’s and stat resets. This is a great way to make the most out of your gaming skills and turn it into money. With our XP Ladders, you can use these here to practice your skills and warm up before putting money into our tournaments and challenges. This is also a great place to play with new players and find others who play well with you. Also need another place to find new players, check out our Free Agents list. Here you can find all sorts of players looking to join teams to play matches together.

With Checkmate Gaming, we bring the best support to our competitive Tournaments. All our team members are trained for each game to bring the best support to every player. Anytime you have any match related issue, you can contact an admin through Live Support from the bottom right of the page of our website. Here you will be able to work with an admin to work on any Live Supported challenge matches and your tournament matches. Be sure to have any and all proof ready for your admin to better resolve your match disputes or issues.