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$2,100 in Amateur Tournaments!

With everyone back into their studies CMG is excited to host a $2,100 array of Amateur Fortnite tournaments to keep you busy between studies. 21 tournaments in total at $80 to first place and $20 to 2nd place! They will be occurring at a rate of three tournaments each day starting Friday the 14th of September all the way until Thursday the 20th. These will take place at 6 PM, 7 PM, and 8 PM EDT. As a reminder, on CMG amateur is defined as having 0 gold trophies in a game and platform combination. So, your gold on PS4 won't mean anything if you are playing on a different console where you do not have gold. We hope to see everyone go all out and are excited to see new faces joining the CMG ranks!


- Thank you


The CMG Team