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$2,500 CMG ProDown Wrap Up

        Yesterday we saw eight professional teams and eight qualifying amateur teams compete in the first-ever $2,500 CMG ProDown tournament. Checkmate Gaming is hoping to provide ample opportunity while ensuring the matches remain exciting ways for the competitor's skills to be tested. The amateur teams qualified by placing top 4 in 1 of 2 qualifying tournaments that took place on Friday and Saturday. The qualifying tournaments were played as Best of 3 CWL (Call of Duty World League Rulesets) Variant series including the game modes Search & Destroy, Control, and Hardpoint. For your average CMG players, this was the first Implementation of CWL rules and Variant gameplay on Checkmate Gaming as our players, and we primarily focus on Search and Destroy.

        The $2.5k ProDown itself is something professional players have been looking forward to all week providing them with a venue to showcase their skill. Renowned teams 100 Thieves, OpTic Gaming, Splyce, FaZe Clan, eUnited,  Luminosity Gaming, Envy, and G2 Esports! $2,500 is up for grabs here with $2,000 going to first place, and $500 to second, but most notably a chance to start the season early with an epic showdown of professionals.

8 Invited Pro Team Rosters:

100 Thieves - SlasheR, Kenny, Octane, Fero, &  Enable

OpTic Gaming - Scump, Crimsix, Karma, Dashy, & TJHaLy

FaZe Clan- ZooMaa, Attach, Crowder, Priestahh, & Methodz

Splyce - Jurd, Accuracy, Loony, AquA, & Temp

G2 - Blazt, Ricky, Chino, Decemate, & Faccento

Luminosity Gaming - Slacked, John, FormaL, Gunless, & Classic

Team Envy -  Huke, ACHES, Apathy, Assault, & SiLLY

eUnited - Arcitys, Prestinni, Clayster, JKap, &  aBeZy

We’d like to give an honorable mention to EG for being a professional team to make it through qualifiers as well!

EvilGeniuses - FeLo, Goonjar, Royalty, Saints, & Xotic

        Although Qualifying Team #3 lost their winners round 1 match against Envy, they won their losers round 1 match against qualifying team 6 and losers round 2 match against FaZe. Round 3 they were matched against Splyce which they lost round count 6-5 on the 5th map of search and destroy. For a team comprised of mostly dominant SnD players, they put up the biggest fight out of all of the qualifying teams. Cheers to iLLeY, Cellium, SimpTheJetPacker, OnyxYRN, & PaulEhx in this.


The tournament began with a bang, in round 1 we saw all of the qualifying teams surprisingly being knocked out and sent to the losers bracket. While not entirely surprising all teams put up a good fight and the results of the matches clearly show what a level these teams compete at.

The stream hype was beginning to grow as the tournament entered round 2 (Quarter-Finals). The best of 7 formats with Hardpoint, Search, Control, Hardpoint, Search, Control, & Search provided endurance based gameplay that every team got to dig into each other's tactics well really. This round we saw OpTic Gaming overtake Splyce, FaZe Clan fell to eUnited, Envy bested Luminosity Gaming, and 100 Thieves stole the win vs. G2.

   Semi-Finals saw OpTiC pull a strong win against eUnited & 100 Thieves pulled a decisive victory against Team Envy.

In the Finals match 100 Thieves' SlasheR, Kenny, Octane, Fero, &  Enable could not manage to take out the #GreenWall that is OpTic Gaming’s Scump, Crimsix, Karma, Dashy, & TJHaLy.


Splyce in the final round of the losers bracket was defeated by 100Thieves 

100Thieves then Re-matched OpTic Gaming in the Grand FInals of the winner's bracket to face the GreenWall again valiantly and was over taken by it. 


1st Place & $2,000 in the first ever CMG ProDown goes to OpTic Gaming’s  ScumpCrimsixKarmaDashy, & TJHaLy.


2nd place and $500 goes 100 Thieves' SlasheRKennyOctaneFero, &  Enable