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100T vs TL Semifinals Review

Sunday featured the second half of the semifinals bracket. 100 Thieves faced off against Team Liquid for a spot in the finals. Team Liquid finished first place in the regular season so they were able to choose 100 Thieves as their opponents for the match over TSM. Team Liquid have been dominant and were the heavy favorites to win the series.


Game one opened in 100T’s favor. They opted to use Academy ADC Rikara over Cody Sun, but that decision did not set them back. It was back and forth until 100T got a great teamfight off the back of Aphromoo’s Alistar and Ssumday’s Gangplank combo. The Baron take sealed the deal for the team as 100T started the day with a win.


Game two showed the resilience of the Liquid squad. Instead of being skittish to approach Baron after game one, the boys in blue took every advantage and kept gaining. 100T had an issue trying to find ways to catch up other than picks, but Liquid was substantially far ahead. TL shut out the thieves and tied the series 1-1.


Game three was a shining point for TL’s ADC, Doublelift. Top and mid lanes struggled, but the bot lane for TL helped enable the team. The lead was substantial and he fought effectively with the support from his teammates to claim an easy win. He ended the game with 8 kills and 0 deaths. It is no wonder his previous teams funneled resources to him. Doublelift and crew earned the win and were one game away from securing the finals.


Liquid solidified their trip to the finals in game 4. Doublelift again showed his world class laning as he dominated the early game. Pobelter, Impact, and Xmithie also dominated their laning phase. 100T seemed helpless as they were completely crushed by TL. With this win, Liquid not only will be competing in Oakland for the finals, but they also secured a spot at Worlds 2018. They can either qualify by winning the Summer Split Playoffs or they will automatically qualify off championship points. The third place match between 100T and TSM and the finals between TL and C9 will happen next week on Saturday and you won’t want to miss it