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4 Fortnite Streamers to Learn From

We all know that half of Fortnite’s appeal are the various personalities on Twitch showing all of us would-be Rocket Riders how to get better at the game. If you’re tired of dropping into Tilted and getting one-clicked by some John Wick skin with a blue pump, then you might look to these gurus of the game to learn how not to embarrass yourself. But sometimes quality people and teachers of the game get lost in the hustle of everyone clicking on top player Ninja’s antics and insane plays. With this in mind, we’ve made a list of some of our favorite entertainers, technical masters, and just plain talented players that are guaranteed to help you defeat boredom and any assassins you run into out on Loot Lake.


1. Dr. Lupo:

Though Lupo is no small-time streamer by any means, he’s worth a real shot on his own channel, not just when he’s duoing with Ninja. There’s a reason he’s Ninja’s preferred partner in the Duo queue: this man’s strategic mind and technical know-how of the games actual mechanics, from gun damage outputs to chest spawn locations and likelihoods, will definitely rub off on the viewer. All of this info gets imprinted without the audience even being aware, because of how genuinely entertaining it is to see the man work and destroy people’s lives.


2. TimtheTatMan:

 Tim is just a quality streamer you should subscribe to because he’s a great person, but what he is really Fortnite right now. He gives great examples of what to do and what NOT to do regularly. He has a bad habit of taking unnecessary fall damage, but that just teaches the rest of us to be aware of our surroundings at all times. Good old monkey see, monkey learns to survive longer.


3. TSM Myth:

One of the only streamers to give Ninja a run for his “Best player in the world” moniker, Myth is a technical beast and a talented gamer overall. Watching him will give the viewer plenty of new strats, tricks, and building techniques to try out at home. If you want to get better but also want to feel like you’ve done it yourself, just watch myth’s stream in the background and test out what works for you.


4. SypherPK:

 Sypher is a pro for Luminosity gaming, specializing in building and stair-peeking. The current meta for the game is all about elevation and getting the drop on your opponent, so getting the lowdown on building a one-by-one as fast as possible is a must for every sweaty try-hard in each and every one of us. Save yourself from the blue-pump drop of death, folks. Get up to the kill spot faster than every opponent by learning from the best.


The best way to git gud and get some wins under your belt is to watch these streamers. So check them out, learn how to not be bad, and choose where to drop with the boys wisely.