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A New Future for APB

Many games never get a second chance after its following dwindles away and is soon replaced by the latest craze. However, APB Reloaded seems to have gotten lucky and will get another shot at claiming its glory again. Little Orbit, a game publisher known for taking over Unsung Story, announced that it had acquired GamersFirst and all the games it owns.

GamersFirst was the parent company of Reloaded Productions, and with its acquisition, Little Orbit will be looking at revamping the beloved video game. However, before Little Orbit will be able to do much, it’ll be working on updating all of the legal documents including privacy policies, code of conduct and terms and conditions, but once the technical requirements are fulfilled, the company will look at updating the game and communicate with players as Little Orbit makes progress. “I will share where we are at,” CEO Matthew Scott wrote to fans.

The company is projected to start by cleaning up the game’s social media while it builds a new forum and its banning and cheating policies update will be announced. Once the communication platforms are overhauled, Little Orbit will be able to focus on creating new content to introduce to the game — fans of Reloaded can only hope this may include some new weapons and maps to bring a new life to its platform.

However, fans of Reloaded shouldn’t expect the process to be quick and may have to wait a period of time before they begin to see changes to the game. Scott writes, “"This is a long process that involves a massive rewrite of several core systems and a lot of art migration." He goes on to say he knows this has been in talks before and has become a sore spot in the community.   

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