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Apex Legends battle pass pricing change

Respawn Entertainment has announced significant changes to the pricing structure for its Apex Legends battle passes. Starting with the launch of Season 22 next month, players will only be able to purchase battle passes using real-world money, a shift from the previous system that allowed purchases with in-game currency.

This update marks the phasing out of the in-game currency option, a move that will impact how players access new content. Previously, players could buy a battle pass for an entire season with in-game currency. Now, the battle pass will be divided into two tiers: Premium and Premium+. The Premium tier is priced at $9.99, while the Premium+ tier costs $19.99, each offering different levels of in-game rewards.

The restructuring means that players looking to access all available content for a full season will need to purchase both tiers, effectively doubling the cost compared to the previous system where one payment sufficed for the entire season.

Respawn explained that these changes aim to make the game "more approachable and realistic for [its] global player community." This statement suggests an effort to streamline and perhaps simplify the purchasing process, potentially aligning it with other popular games in the market that follow a similar model. However, it remains to be seen how the player base will react to these modifications and the increased cost associated with the new tiered system.