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Black Ops 4 Blackout: Vehicle Breakdown

PS4 users are about get their first taste of Black Op 4’s Blackout beta which drops tomorrow. However, Call of duty has pulled back on last curtain on some details of the game before the internet floods with all the games latest details and players’ opinions, revealing the vehicle line up for Blackout just before the beta release.


Developer Tryarch showed its hand finally for the Blackout battle royale game mode coming to Black Ops 4 and the four vehicles ready to go on Sept. 10. The lineup includes two land vehicles, one sea vessel and one aircraft. Everyone’s favorite gaming vehicle the ATV will be the first to don the lineup and can carry up to two people. Joining the ATV on land will be a Cargo Truck. This vehicle will be able to transport a handful of people at a time as up to five players can pile in. A Zodiac Inflatable Boat will be only able two players at a time as it helps players cross tougher waters while the the Little Bird Helicopter will be able to transport five people by air.


The helicopter will be an interesting addition to the battle royale mode and really separate Blackout from its battle royale competitors. No other gaming platform has introduced an aircraft to the game mode and may be an interesting escape vehicle for players as they avoid an incoming attack or are trapped on the edge of a cliff. It will definitely be interesting to watch how this new element plays out and how players feel about it.


It is unknown whether these will be the only four vehicles introduced to the game or if more will be added in the future. With this being the first battle royale game for COD to release, audiences will be watching closely to see how Black Ops 4 will approach new content as PUBG has released map-exclusive content while Fortnite does a complete map overhaul season after season. But the future is long off, and Tryarch is most likely more concerned with how its community receives the new game mode.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releases Oct. 12 for PC, Xbox One and PS4 with the PS4 releasing tomorrow, Sept. 10.