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Black Ops 4: Zombies in Blackout

While the battle royale game mode, Blackout, has garnered most of the spotlight for Black Ops 4, there are some other important details you don’t want to miss out on as developer Treyarch confirmed that zombies will be hitting the latest COD installment. Yet the zombies still have to do with Blackout.


Treyarch revealed that AI zombies will be gracing the latest battle royale game mode, releasing to its platform. Players will face hordes of the undead enemies in IX, a large colosseum. IX is only one of three maps that will host the creatures in the latest Black Ops installment.


The storyline for Black Ops 4’s zombies will involve four new heroes — Scarlet, Bruno, Diego and Shaw — as they fetch artifacts through time travel. Our four heroes will seek the power of the artifacts in an effort to stop the an order “hell-bent on transforming the world. A leaked trailer gave fans a short glimpse of the zombie gameplay, drawing 45 comments and 137 upvotes before being pulled offline due to copyright laws.


While Treyarch was quickly able to pull down the leaked material, they were forced to confirm zombies which led to other details being revealed — specifically about Blackout.


The developer confirmed that zombies would be coming to its latest game mode, spawning undead enemies at certain points across the map as well as tweeted an official picture of the Blackout map. Along with zombies, the game mode will host 80 combatants a game but is subject to change as feedback from the beta rounds come across.


The Black Ops 4 beta is scheduled to release on Sept. 10 for PS4 users while Treyarch will roll out the Xbox One and PC beta on Sept. 14 and run until Sept. 17.