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Blizzard Reveals Newest Overwatch Map

Overwatch players will be able to test their skills once again on a new map. Overwatch developer Blizzard announced at Korea’s Overwatch Fan Festival it would be releasing a new control map. The map, called Busan, is set in Busan, South Korea like it suggests. The map focuses on three different locations within Busan where players will fight.


The first location takes players to a traditional Korean temple and features a beautiful garden. If the garden seems too isolated, Downtown Busan offers a busier setting as it reflects the hustle and bustle of the city’s life. The area includes a PC bang, karaoke bar and a rail station which even features the train. MEKA base appears as the last location on the map and is where D. Va and her squad prep for battle before heading out to save the city from the Omnic threat. This base is where most of Overwatch’s animated storyline takes place.


What’s the best part of the new map? Developers took their time recreating and building Busan for players to enjoy. Blizzard was so devoted to recreating the city that even the smallest sound detail mattered when designing the world. During the festival, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan pointed out the sounds of the city Overwatch’s audio department poured hours over designing and the beautiful compositions highlighting the game’s background, wanting to provide authentic sights, sounds and music for players while playing the map.


The map went live during Korea’s Overwatch Fan Fest and has already dropped onto the Public Test Realm. The map’s official release date has yet to be announced but should only be a matter of months out