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Call of Duty 2019 Update

Call of Duty 2019 has slowly began to show some basic details about itself despite the fact that the it hasn’t even been announced yet. The latest in COD news is the 2019 release is speculated to include a single-player campaign as well as likely to appear on the next-gen consoles.


Recently, a job listing posted by Infinity Ward appeared on its site. The listing posted sought a narrative scripter (temporary). The scriptures job intels working closely with other game scripters, sound designers, writers and the directors. He or she will work on creating a developed dialogue sequence for the game. 


Other details that suggest the role will work closely on the next COD game is the required interest in First Person Shooter games as well as “a broad understanding of both multiplayer and single player game design.” The position also require “a cinematic ear for dialogue pacing” and “the ability to dissect and sinus level design in recent games.”


With a lack of games under their listings, fans can’t imagine what else Infinity Ward would have in their bag of tricks. Yet the possibility of a campaign excites COD follows as the recently released Black Ops 4 dumped the campaign mode for more group play options.


Along with the rumors around the narrative scripters, COD 2019 maybe getting a bigger update. The next game is suggested to be one of the games on the market following the release of the PS5 and Xbox 2. The game hype seems the perfect marketing scheme for the next-gen consoles.


However, there are no details to confirm any of these details. . .yet. A reveal event is projected in March or April 2019 based on Activision’s previous habits. Following the same lines, the games release is suggested to be out in October 2019.