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Call of Duty Season 5 Brings Big Change

Season 5 for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone is here and it brings some massive changes. With new agents, new maps, new areas of Verdansk opened up and the introduction of tanks, there's a lot to take in. 

Two of the biggest changes to Verdansk are the opening up of the stadium and the train station. Both have interior access now and they're no doubt going to become hot beds for action. 

You can also now "expect additional and strategically positioned Exterior Ascenders dotted throughout Verdansk. These will primarily be attached to the exterior of taller buildings, enabling you to gain a tactical and height advantage from a different angle, and with more haste than ever before."

There's also a new operator in Season 5 named Lerch. The leader of the Shadow Company, Lerch is a "former MARSOC member who received a general discharge under honorable conditions. Barely."

There were plenty of changes to regular Modern Warfare as well with Season 5. Two new multiplayer maps, Petrov Oil Rig and Suldal Harbor, join the new Search and Destroy Double Down mode to shake things up. 

Later in the season you can also expect another new operator, more new game modes, and a mid season event. 

For more info on these updates and more, check out the full Season 5 rundown from the Activision blog

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