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Call of Duty Vanguard - Pre-release info

Another year means another great call of duty title is coming up. With the announcement of Call of duty Vanguard being released November 5th Activision has also announced there will be an open alpha to all Playstation 4 and 5 players from August 27th - 10 AM PT to August 29th - 10 AM PT.

The Reveal trailer can be found here -


The Alpha

The alpha will feature the new Champion hill game mode, You will compete as a duo or trio and compete against the other squad in a round based tournament. Each team has set lives that transition from one match to another, When the overall team lives hit zero you have lost the tournament.

The Beta

Once the alpha has come to an end there will be a worldwide Multiplayer trailer dropping September 7th followed by the first beta weekend. The first beta weekend: September 10th to September 13th: will only be open to Playstation players who have pre ordered the full game. 

The second beta weekend will be an open beta to all playstation users. All other platforms will need to pre order the game to have access to the beta that will run from September 16th - 17th.

The beta then will be open to everyone on all platforms starting September 18th - September 20th 10AM PT.

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