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Changes on the Way for Black Ops

Black Ops is considered one of the best and most profitable gaming franchises in history. It is the continuation of another one of history’s top games known more prominently as Call of Duty. As any gamer would tell you, these Call of Duty games have often defined what gaming means and there is no doubt that these games will go and keep defining the future of the industry.

When the first Black Ops was released, it brought with it a blend of extraordinary story telling as well as game play that managed to bring in a breath of fresh air. That has long been the staple of these games. They set new standards for the future games and it goes on to provide a perfect platform for other games to follow.

Activision and Treyarch have released information regarding the new rendition of this game officially known as Black Ops 4. So here are some of the top features and changes you can expect from the new Call fo Duty game.

No Single Player

Before we get into it, this is probably the question that’ll be running through the minds of every gamer out there i.e. how can they delete single player just like that? And the answer to that question is because they can. Activision has officially confirmed that the latest game will not have any single player and this probably means that the future Call of Duty games might be without any coherent single player as well.

However, in fairly rational terms, this shouldn’t be seen as something bad. The future of the entire industry lies in the multiplayer genre and more and more players now prefer the multiplayer versions and modes than single player. That is not to say that the story mode will be completely absent as well. Players will be able to pick up on storylines during multiplayer as well.

Battle Royale

This was probably the most expected news to have come out from the latest E3. Ever since the release of Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds, Battle Royale has been the rage and this has resulted in almost every other game having this feature or planning to incorporate it sooner rather than later. Having said that, Call of Duty has said that it would like to add some more features to this option in order to create some sort of differentiation and give the players a true value for their money.


This is another staple of the Call of Duty franchise. Ever since it was first introduced, the Zombies mode has gone on to become one of the most popular modes in the CoD series. This game will be no exception with players having to battle Zombies across different maps. The developers have said that there will some sort of changes and alterations to give the players something unique but the overall feel and idea behind the mode will remain just as it was. Players will also have a new health mechanism in this one