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Changes to Look for in FIFA 19'

There are fewer things that football fans look for more than the latest FIFA game. The reason for that has always been different. In the early days, it was the chance to have an alternate source of entertainment while today; it’s the chance to play one of the most graphically advanced games of all times.

For a number of years, FIFA has been competing with its one and only football game rival i.e. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). PES was able to gain a number of players after it acquired the license for UEFA’s premier competitions. However, this year it has changed and FIFA now promises to be one of the most complete games in history.

But that’s not the only thing that’ll be coming along with this game. There are a host of other features that we look forward to seeing and playing. Some of these features are:

Shot In The Dark

Players love the chance to have their game mimic the real world physics. This is one of those things as we’ll be able to perform in the latest version of the FIFA franchise. It was long considered one of the features that were impossible to bring into the game because of the different challenges that it poses. However, it has been confirmed that players will now be able to perform this extremely beautiful and elegant skill move in the game.

Running Patterns

Imagine this, you’re playing as Real Madrid and you’ve got Marcelo and Dani Carvajal as your wing backs. However, unlike their real life counter parts…they don’t do overlaps or run into the centre of the park. This is not only uncharacteristic of a game that prides itself on its realism but also shows that the real game mechanics have often been ignored in recent years. However, now users will have a chance to control how their full backs move which means that users can have their wing backs run as far ahead or remain conservative if they choose to do so. Greater control over their players and for good reason.

Plan Ahead

Football is a game of tactics and that is something that people will be incredibly happy to know will be an important part of the new FIFA game. Users will be able to plan ahead about how their team should line up and play if they’re leading or trailing 1-0 as well as planning how their teams should pass if they’re facing a top opposition vs. a lower division opposition. This helps users control their teams even when they’re not involved in the game directly.


FIFA commentary has gained a legendary status in the industry. But the recent acquisition of the Champions League license means that there will be a new duo of commentators for those legendary Champions League nights. The duo performing these jobs will be Derek Rae and Lee Dixon in addition to the old FIFA duo of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith.