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CMG Rebrand

Some of you may have noticed over the last several weeks a number of small updates in the way we are visually presenting the CMG brand. These small steps have been the start to a journey in the evolution of our brand as a whole. Today we proudly unveil to you the first big stride of our metamorphosis in the form of the new Checkmate Gaming logo.


Why the change? We felt it was imperative that our brand’s visual identity reflect the same premium level of quality you demand as our users and partners on a day to day basis. Less is more in this case, as we stripped down and reimagined a logotype that is more cooperative in nature, and easily applied to an array of mediums both independently and alongside other brands. Through all this, we aimed to maintain a certain level of familiarity with the original brand and a strong tie to our gaming roots. The crown has quite literally become a core piece of the CMG framework as it represents the raw competitive nature that drives each and every one of us as gamers and esports enthusiasts. At the center of it all is you. The player, the spectator, the community empowering a new era across the globe.




To those who have been with us through our journey as well as those just joining, we thank you for your continued support and feedback. We welcome all of you to join us on our perpetual quest towards the premium online esports experience you deserve.

Oct, 10 2018 10:11 pm EDT
That is awesome! :D
Oct, 10 2018 10:11 pm EDT