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COD BattleRoyale coming to CMG

What We Know About Call Of Duty BR So Far 


             It’s official, Call of Duty  Black Ops 4 will be trying to stake its claim on the battle royale genre with a new game mode called “Blackout.” In what sounds to be their most ambitious new mode to date, the new battle royale mode will feature a map, “1500 times larger than Nuketown” as well as, “iconic parts of your favorite maps” and perhaps the most intriguing feature of all, the ability to travel by land, sea, and air. Based on what we now know, it makes sense that they have chosen to forego a campaign mode seeing as they have seemingly invested quite a bit into making what they hope will be the best new battle royale experience. 


          So what do we know so far? So far we know that Call of Duty will have a full battle royale experience with a size and scope we’ve never really seen before. Blackout mode will feature what sounds like the biggest map out of any of the other battle royale games. It will also be the first battle royale experience to include the ability to travel by air. In addition, the mode will make use of familiar weapons and maps from past games. Ultimately it is a battle royale mode that sounds theory. 


           While we heard a lot of great things that certainly have cause for excitement, what is perhaps more concerning are the key things we weren’t told about. Something that has surprised everyone, is the fact that nowhere in the announcement was there any mention of how many players will be battling at once. Will it be the standard one hundred? Will it be more? Will it be less? Players are dying to know as this could be a huge determining factor for the game mode’s success.  What's also concerning is the size of the upcoming game mode. The announcement stresses that the upcoming Blackout mode will take place on the biggest map Treyarch has ever made. However, as PUBG learned the hard way, having a bigger map can actually be more of a downfall leading to camping and slower gameplay. Overall the announcement certainly sounds great. I mean combing Call of Duty and battle royale, perhaps the two biggest aspects of the shooter genre what could possibly go wrong? Well until we see some gameplay we will have to just wait and see. 

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