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Collegiate Fortnite from AVGL

The American Video Game League has created the first Fortnite league for colleges across the country. The format will be almost identical to the “Friday Fortnite” tournaments hosted by Keemstar. A double elimination bracket, 2v2, battle royale style match. The teams will queue up against each other in Squads mode and compete for kills to climb up the bracket. AVGL has stated they will run 4 preliminary tournaments throughout the summer and begin the official season in the fall. AVGL chose to only have PC and Xbox support for their tournaments and PS4 players will have to find an alternative.


AVGL already boasts 20 leagues for the most popular esports and hosts online tournaments and LANs as the competition funnels down to the best. The most recent finals have been held at conventions like Beachcon or Dreamhack with professional production and a large audience. AVGL quickly reacted to the response of their audience and the addition of Fortnite seems to be a successful venture. Epic is already committing 100 million dollars to the 2018-2019 season alone, but AVGL has created new opportunity and colleges are responding in kind.