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Congrats to FIFA eWorld Cup Winner!

This year, the FIFA eWorld Cup was hosted in London and was completely one sided. The Grand Finals match featured Saudi Arabian Mossad “Msdossary” Aldossary and Belgian Stefano “StefanoPinna” Pinna. One game on PS4 and one game on Xbox. Msdossary put on a clinic. Msdossary dominated StefanoPinna on Playstation winning 2 games in a dominant fashion.The next games were played on Xbox and Msdossary showed mastery of the console even though he is a Playstation main. Msdossery styled on StefanoPinna with a 4-0 score on the last game on Xbox to cement the title of the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup champion and 250,000 dollars. StefanoPinna didn’t walk away empty handed, he claimed 50,000 dollars in prize money and can be proud of his performance. With the announcement of FIFA 2019 already released, it’s time for the players to start training again for next year’s tournament. Congrats to Msdossary and good luck next year!


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