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Cryptocurrency Venture into Esports

Esports has taken over as an international phenomenon and everyone is catching on. Investors from all over are creating new organizations or investing in pre existing ones. Recently, Esports Ecosystem, a cryptocurrency company with ties in esports, has sponsored the Evo Championship series alongside NISSIN Cup Noodles and Cygames. Evo, short for Evolution, has been the premiere fighting games tournament. Hosted annually in Vegas, Evo boasts the largest crowd when it comes to fighting games. Most esports such as Smash Bros. Melee, Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Street Fighter V consider Evo to be the most important tournament of the year. Esports Ecosystem is now a part of this tournament and will be able to reach a larger crowd.


Esports Ecosystem has stated that they want the standard cryptocurrency to be ESE tokens, their newly created cryptocurrency. They have partnered with Street Fighter legend Echo Fox’s Justin Wong to be their esports advisor. This partnership explains the high interest in Evo and they are using this partnership to sponsor players and send them to Evo this year.


Cryptocurrency in esports is not a new affair. Enjin Coin and NRG have a partnership that were used as tokens for raffling off prizes. These prizes were listed to be event trips, gaming peripherals and hardware, or NRG merchandise. Unikrn, an online betting company, launched their cryptocurrency sale in September of 2017. They dedicated 100 million to it and managed to get investors such as Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban. The currency was named UnikoinGold and was used in their esports betting platform. Cryptocurrency hype has continued since the Bitcoin rush last December, but now it is venturing into esports in attempts to become accessible to all players.