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ESL and German Streetwear Brand Collab

ESL, AKA the Electronic Sports League, has decided to dive headfirst into the fashion world by collaborating with German sneaker and streetwear brand Snipes. The two will be working on new clothing that will be available at select ESL events including Gamescon, ESL One Hamburg, and this week’s ESL ONE Colonge. Going forward Snipes will have presenting rights for the player’s lounges and proprietary stores at Gamescon and will be launching a full co-branded collection at Gamescon as well.

Bernhard Mogk, Senior Vice President of global sales & business development at ESL said, “When you look around the esports scene, you can tell that fashion consciousness is rising” and he is absolutely right. Fans of the fighting game community have been aware of this for quite some time as fighting game related merch is in abundance at most fighting game tournaments. We also have to consider the fact that most gaming events are now streamed with thousands of people watching at home so it stands to reason that gamers and even spectators are going to care more about what they look like when they show up to an event. ESL has certainly made the right choice teaming up with a brand that has received praise from Atlanta Hawks star player Dennis Schroeder, and rappers Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg. Pressure is certainly on for the two companies as this move has the possibility to make or break any other possible collaboration between streetwear and gaming going forward. For those of us who enjoy brands like Supreme, Bape, and Billonaire Boys Club just as much as we love Overwatch and CS;GO, you probably have your fingers crossed hoping that whatever Snipes puts out is actually pretty good so that more companies will be inclined to follow suit. It’s about time nerds have the opportunity to beat down the competition and look good while doing it.