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Fallout 76 Releases Trailer Song

John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” isn’t the first song to be covered, but the latest cover of the beloved country song has earned a special place in the eSports world after the inspiring rendition accompanied the Fallout 76 trailer released in June.


The cover performed by Copilot presented a thematic opportunity for the beloved video game as the song talks about the back roads of West Virginia where the game takes place. Until the recently release of the cover, it was unknown who performed the trailer’s version of the song; Copilot released “Country Roads” to iTunes on July 4.


Fans can purchase the song for 99 cents, but that’s not the best part. A hundred percent of the proceeds made from Copilot’s rendition of the song will go to Habitat for Humanity. Turns out, the charity and Fallout just happen to have a lot in common as it is.


Habitat for Humanity and Fallout 76 both follow a theme of rebuilding America. Habitat work on houses in desperate need of improvements for those in need including those having survived natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey victims. One more coincident just happens to be that Habitat for Humanity was established in 1976 when Millard and Linda Fuller’s concept of “partnership housing” became a reality in Americas, Georgia.


Fallout 76 is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 14. The much-anticipated next installment of the series will be an entirely online, multiplayer game unlike its predecessors. It is hard to tell how the gaming community will respond to wifi requirement, and a beta will pre-date the game’s launch date but little is known about such an event.