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Fan Made Battle Royale for Halo Infinite

While Microsoft restructures 343 and their Xbox division, fans have been waiting and asking for a Halo BR as the game mechanics would work very well with this type of playstyle. With the recently released forge mode, players have been adding all sorts of cool custom maps and modes to the game.

Instead of waiting for 343 to release a BR themselves, 2 forge makers have gone ahead and used their knowledge and the ability of forge to make their own BR game mode. Users ziqngaming1185 and Blinnq7 have spent the time making the game mode basics work within forge. Currently the game supports a drop out, weapon placed around the map and a closing circle.

Right now in it's starting stages the map is built inside of a small area that includes some very tall buildings and streets to move around in. There is only 1 life and no gulag but a prototype was shown off in the demo. This just shows how far players can take the game with forge and how much they are willing to make their own game instead of waiting.

Check out the video below by DEWtheMCCOY who was able to join in play testing this first release.