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Fortnite's Newest Rocket Launch

A blackhole has appeared in the Fortnite universe — well not exactly, but a portal has appeared since the rocket launch event that went live on July 1.


The rumor about the imminent launch of the Fortnite’s rocket proved true as Epic Games developers launched the rocked into the sky. The portal was discovered after Fortnite Battle Royale’s rocket launch at the motel near Anarchy Acres. The portal has caused speculations and theories to go wild over the portal and its meaning. 


While the launch answered some questions, even more questions appeared after its occurrence, and the weirdest part is the number of breaches left behind by the rocket. It even left behind a crack in the sky.


The portals aren’t as harmless as they sound though. They appear to be destroying parts of the map One portal appeared outside the Lonely Lodge and ended up destroying the Lonely Lodge as it expanded upon its location.


The breaches, however, have blown up amongst the Fortnite community. The theories have gone wild since the their appearance. One of the most popular theories is a rupture in space and time. The crack, in this theory, believes the crack will consume the Fortnite map, allowing developers to create an entirely new map for season 5.


Fans believe that the Season 5 will be set in the past or future. A large contribution to this theory is the recent confirmation of the prohibition era based Thompson submachine gun, Drum Gun. Season 5 will kick off on July 12 until then Fortnite fan’s will be waiting in anticipation of what the new season will bring.