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Fortnite V5.21 Update Overview

Another update has come and gone, and the jury is no longer out deciding how they feel about the V5.21 update. While some of the 5.21 updates were a let down, the update received mostly positive feedback.


The Sniper Shootout LTM is the best of the parts of the update. The latest feature only allows sniper rifles, providing a variety of snipers from heavy to scoped and non-scoped long-range weapons. While the LTM was familiar with the traditional rules of Fortnite, the Sniper Shootout brought out the heart-thumping anxiety to the tips of your fingers as the majority of players sat in hiding and strategizing. Players now have to watch their back from a distance as players hide and sit poised around every corner ready to knock another player down. However, players can enjoy that a one-and-done mentality doesn’t hold most of the time. One shot will take a critical blow but players will have time to seek shelter before being knocked out of the game.


While the Shootout really provide some fun, the Heavy Sniper packs have become a favorite since the updates. The latest weaponry leaves a hefty bruise on as it deals 150+ damage per shot to players and 1050+ damage to structures. However, normally power sacrifices distance and storage, but the Heavy Sniper performs less bullet drop than the rest of the weapons in the sniper family. The lack of drop forces players to should above or ahead of opponent but makes the weapon deadly and precise from a distance.


The biggest let down in the update however is Soaring 50s LTM. A variant of the 50v50 mode focuses on allowing players to be more mobility by using gliders, launch pads, bounce pads and impulse grenades. At any point in the game, players will be able to re-launch their glider from heights of 10 meters or higher. However, that was really all Soaring 50 brought to the table. It pretty much plays like the original version but with more abilities to maneuver around the map. The one big benefit of the extra mobility options is players can perform escapes faster but the soaring opportunities may leave them vulnerable as they leave the safety of your teammates and out in the open. Soar 50s definitely provides the a specific taste that others may love but definitely leaves most wanting more.