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G.T.A. Highlights U.S. Gun Crime

We have heard a lot about how the media is to blame for gun violence in the U.S, but no-one has ever heard that a game will actually highlight this problem.

G.T.A is probably the first in line to do so.

Professor Joseph DeLappe is working hard to achieve his latest project called the ‘Elegy’. It is going to be a live stream version of Grand Theft Auto 5. It will be available for gamers on Twitch, the ultimate streaming platform for games.

In this game, people will be able to see the bots/non-playable characters go outside their programming and shoot each other. This, however, is not going to be random violence. There is a bigger agenda for these actions.

This stream will feature situations which resonate with real American deaths of 2018. Each and every bot will represent a citizen of the U.S who has died in a shooting crime this year. Every bot is reset when the day ends in the game and the gamer will relive each scenario, seeing bullet-ridden bots in the streets of the game.

According to the gun violence archive, there were a little more than seven thousand deaths in the U.S which related to gun violence in 2018. Therefore the developer wishes for people to feel the sense of these horrifying figures.

The Professor was interviewed about his idea and his explanation was that the hack was an idea he got from his time in Nevada – which is a gun state. He said that it was normal to go to a coffee shop and see a customer with a pistol visible in his waistband. Joseph is a professor with the job to research into games and therefore the GTA hack was inspired.

This game was chosen among others because it was relatively easy to manipulate and especially because it is one of the extraordinarily violent games out there. He went on to say that his version of the game will now not only be violent but also disturbing and visceral to experience visually. 

Joseph went on to further describe his project as an ironical transformation of a system which people believe to be the reason for an increase in gun-related violence. Now he says that people will concur that the game has turned towards a completely different perspective. He believes that unlike President Donald Trump had promised to ‘do something’ about gun violence, he has actually taken an initiative on one form of media.

The creator of this hack believes that video games can have a positive influence on mental health. He stressed that if others would follow his example, then a ban on video games will not be necessary. Grand Theft Auto had sold about 95 million issues in the whole world, and even if a small percentage of these people get their hands on this hack, this Professor would have made a relative impact.

Who would have thought, a game like G.T.A could actually be part of such an important initiative!