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Green Wall Stands Tall in NALCS

On Saturday, OpTic Gaming bashed it out with FlyQuest to earn 3rd place in the NALCS. This is the highest the team has ranked since its inception. The team took down FlyQuest with an early dive onto FlyQuest’s bottom lane Wildturtle and JayJ. They managed to get an early lead, but with less than optimal play, they gave FlyQuest a way to catch up. FlyQuest, with their more team oriented style, started to take advantages across the map and took Baron without any contest. However, individual performances from OpTic’s mid laner Tristan “PowerofEvil” Schrage carried OpTic back into the game. His Syndra stun hit 5 people and the Green Wall anihilated FlyQuest. OpTic put their composition to good use as they hit the late game and Niship “Dhokla” Doshi was able to push the split push against Flame’s Gangplank. Through the split push, Dhokla net his team Elder Drake and Baron and the victory was easily secured.


OpTic currently sit on a 5 game win streak. They have found the style which has worked for them, granted not very pretty. The meta has not been as clear cut as before and OpTic looks to be setting an example as they are not trying to mold to copy another team, but playing they way they want to. OpTic put a loss on FlyQuest’s record which ended their win streak and allowed themselves to reach new heights. On Sunday, OpTic looks poised to add a +1 to their streak as they take on last place Clutch Gaming. Tune in tomorrow at 12pm PDT to catch the conclusion of week 7 of the NALCS.