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Halo Makes an Appearance!!

            Halo fans can now enjoy a night out while playing the Xbox classic Halo. Microsoft hosted a live streaming Thursday night where it announced its latest venture for the Halo franchise. Microsoft announced the next installment of Halo will be released as a Dave and Buster exclusive. Microsoft plans to launch the Halo arcade game, Halo: Fireteam Raven, this summer as a cooperative shooter.

            Halo: Fireteam Raven will be Microsoft’s first venture with Halo away from a console platform. However, fans have nothing to fear about the creation of Microsoft’s latest adventure as it has sought out the long-time veteran arcade studio, Raw Thrills, to develop the latest Halo installment as well as partnering with Play Mechanic. The arcade pod will play host to up to four players featuring a 130-inch 4K display. The gameplay will remain true to the first-person shooter experience as players play as ODST soldiers battling off Covenant soldiers.

            While some fans may be disappointed to see the game have an exclusive release, the deal offers a fresh feel to the nearly two decade old first-person shooter. The game seems an ideal fit for a modern day arcade experience, revamping the shooter experience in the arcade world. It may not be exactly what Halo fans were hoping for, but it should help quell the wait for the next mainline Halo game which hasn’t seen an new release since 2015.

            Who knows what Microsoft has in store next for the Halo series. After all, E3 is only a month away.

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