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How eSports is Changing the Stock Market

ESports isn’t exactly what sticks in your mind when you think of the stock market, but this summer could change that forever. Esports took its first debut on the small screen this weekend as it premier on this bigger Sports network on television, ESPN, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, as well as most of Disney’s other affiliates including Disney XD.


With esports ever growing, investing in a gaming company no longer sounds as crazy as it once did. The Overwatch League aired for the first-time on prime time and sold-out the 20,000-seat Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The two-day tournament drew just over 600,000 viewers to the various Disney distribution outlets, according to Kotaku, but why does this change everything?


The broadcasting of major eSports tournament increases the number of eyes that see the industry, and the more people interested in the world of video gaming, the more there is to be made from sponsors, apparel, gear and box office proceeds. The future of eSports and stock exchange look bright. So who is there to invest in?


Take Two Interactive Software, Nvidia, Electronic Arts and Tencent Holdings are just some of the top eSports stocks available for purchase. Take Two Interactive is best known for Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2k’s distribution rights. With the NBA 2k eLeague kicking off, the stocks are going hot, closing out at 113.11 a share on Monday. Esports legend Electronic Arts Inc. was in the gaming market long before big names like Riot, Epic Games and Call of Duty. The EA franchise has played home to big names like Madden, FIFA, Star Wars, Mass Effect and beloved racing game Need for Speed. EA closed the NASDAQ at 126.21 a share. However, while EA is a good investment, the company itself is investing back into eSports as well.


However, stocks aren’t always about investing in the well-known companies that currently have a pretty price point. Tencent Holdings is currently running for $46 a share but could be expected to rise with the increase of viewership. Activision Blizt closed the NASDAQ 3.46 percent down but still run for $72.75. Blitz plays home to three of the top 10 most watched game on Twitch streaming platform. However, while those a established gaming investments, those still run high for someone starting out. More risky and unestablished investments to check out are Micron Technology, Inc. ($53.01/share), SPYR Inc ($.239/share), and Ubisoft ($4.17/share).


Be aware there is no guaranteed investment with the stock market, and investing is a huge risk. You can learn more about invest at and test your own skill at the stock market using their real time simulator.