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IW Dev Addresses MW Model Appearance Bug

Posted originally on the Modern Warfare subreddit, a user pointed out that there was a bug with certain characters’ renderings. This bug caused characters to appear in low resolution, resulting in weird appearances. 


The user said “This face looks like an over edited instagram model without pores. Please tell me this will be better. The rest looks like a great game but damn where are the details?“ Infinity Ward’s Studio Art Director Joel Emslie already has commented on the Reddit post stating that this has “already been fixed today” and that artists at the studio were upset that they could not get it ready for the build that was shown on stream.


"We are integrating the last round of heads for these bodies. You’re completely right to point this out. Trust me it was killing the character artists that it got into the build that way. They are total perfectionists :) It’s already been fixed today."

Source: Reddit

Jul, 07 2019 03:03 pm EDT