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KFC Sponsors RNG

From car dealers to wireless carriers, everyone is working on sponsoring an esports team as the world continues to gain popularity, and now fast food is joining the fray. KFC announced that it has agreed to a one-year sponsorship deal with Royal Never Give Up (RNG), a League of Legends (LOL) competitive gaming team based in Beijing.


RNG recently announced the agreement with KFC via the RNG Weibo Account and later was shared again by KFC. The deal will run for a year and included logo placement on the jersey and in the Beijing Arena as well as social media channels. It is believe the deal between KFC and RNG focuses solely on its LOL team, but there has been no news on whether RNG’s other teams will also receive sponsorship with the fast food service. RNG maintains teams for a variety of esporting games including FIFA online, PUBG, and Clash Royale.


Four of the six members competed last year as the Chinese LOL team who went on to defeat the Korean National Team in the 2018 Asian Games esports demonstration event grand finale.


Why KFC though? It’s pretty easy to answer. In 2016 an evaluation of the market share revealed KFC controlled 11.6 percent of the market. Against McDonald’s 5.6 percent, the massive hold on the market led to KFC being called the most popular fast food chain in the country. KFC is known also for sponsoring teams in the esports would. In years past, the restaurant partnered with Riot Games and received TV commercials,  toys in kids meals, LOL-themed menu options, and an in-game button for player’s to order KFC to their location.


KFC plans to produce RNG exclusive toys, meals and more with a plan for an RNG-exclusive store.