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Letter to the Community

Dear Gaming Community,

We understand that cheating is a serious issue that compromises the competitive integrity of the game. As the leading online esports platform, we take this issue very seriously and are committed to ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

We place a high value on community feedback and have an internal tracking system in place to monitor all players who are reported for suspected cheating. We strongly encourage all players to continue submitting reports of suspected cheating behavior. All cheating claims are generally reviewed by multiple administrators and if you believe someone is cheating please submit a report here.

To combat cheating, we have implemented several measures to detect and prevent cheating. This includes the use of new advanced triggering to detect banned members that have created new accounts and non banned members that might be cheating. For non banned members this information is then used to issue console restrictions, PC resets, monitor cams, and/or PC checks. Members that are caught with undeniable proof or cheats on their PC will not have the option to be console restricted or appeal their ban. Console restrictions and appeals are reserved for people that we believe could be cheating but we don't have sufficient proof. 

Regarding PC checks, we have several processes and procedures in place to detect if a player has used or deleted cheats. Regardless if they attempt to delete cheats or have multiple PCs, we have the ability to identify such actions. Going forward, we will be increasing the frequency of mandatory PC resets, monitor cams, and PC checks for maintaining fair gameplay.

To achieve a better balance between console and PC gameplay, we have updated the tournament schedule to be majority console tournaments, with limited PC Nov/AMs, GTDs, and Elites. Monitor cams and/or PC resets on request will now be available in all PC Guaranteed and Elite tournaments. While this change is expected to motivate PC players to switch to console, the majority of tournament players and influential community members are still on PC and although our preference is to return to console-only tournaments, it's not possible to fully switch as long as the amateur variant players are still on PC.

We have began development of a proprietary anti-cheat system that will be compulsory for all CMG matches. The completion and implementation of this system will take some time, but it will significantly impact the integrity of CMG matches. This anti-cheat is being designed to detect and prevent any form of cheating or exploiting of the game's mechanics. This move will enhance the legitimacy of matches and promote fair play across all of our tournaments.

We understand that transparency is vital to building trust, and going forward we will continue these letters to the community to keep the communication more frequent. We are a team of gamers at heart, and our passion for this community is stronger than ever. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to working together to make our community even better.



  • Community feedback is greatly appreciated and we are taking all cheating claims very seriously 
  • We have new triggers in place to catch banned members that are evading
  • We have new triggers in place that alerts us of members that could be cheating
  • We will be increasing the frequency of mandatory PC resets, monitor cams, and PC checks
  • Monitor cams/PC resets on request will be available for all PC Guaranteed and Elite tournaments
  • Individuals caught cheating are being permanently banned without the option for a console restriction
  • The majority of tournaments will now be console only and the majority of Nov/AMs, GTDs, and Elites will be console only
  • We have began development on a proprietary anti-cheat system
  • Going forward we will communicate more often with the community