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Modern Warfare 2 Beta info

The Modern Warfare 2 beta is taking place in two different weeks in September. As always the first weekend is PlayStation exclusive, going into a crossplay beta the following week. Below is the full schedule for the MWII Beta.

Weekend One (PlayStation Exclusive)
September 16-17 (Early Access)
September 18-20 (Open Beta)

Weekend Two (Crossplay)
September 22-23 (Early Access)
September 24-26 (Open Beta)

How to play:
In order to get early access to the Modern Warfare 2 Beta, you must pre order the full game on any platform. If you pre order the digital copy, you are automatically given access to the early access beta when it is released. If you receive a code for the beta, you will have to redeem it here.

There has been no info released on maps, modes, or level caps for each stage of the beta.