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NALCS Regular Season Standings

This split has been a roller coaster of emotions for teams and fans alike. The NALCS has never seen a tighter race for playoff contention ever before. From Team Liquids dominating performance throughout the split, Cloud 9’s redemption story from last to second, and TSM’s struggle to hold on to their playoff expectation, the NALCS has shaken up and the standings have been settled. After small tournament to filter third through sixth place, the standings are:


First Place: Team Liquid

Second Place: Cloud 9

Third Place: 100 Thieves

Fourth Place: Echo Fox

Fifth Place: Team Solomid

Sixth Place: FlyQuest

Seventh Place: OpTic Gaming

Eighth Place: Counter Logic Gaming

Ninth Place: Clutch Gaming

Tenth Place: Golden Guardians


With playoffs right around the corner, let's take a look at the bracket for playoffs. The first best of five will be Echo Fox versus TSM. Echo Fox is known for their high variability and emotional players. The top side of the map with Huni and Dardoch should prove to be a solidified duo. Damonte, Lost, and Smoothie still have some work to do, but they are no slouches either. TSM has hit their stride at the right time as they beat OpTic for the last playoff spot. Bjergsen has been thriving on Akali as of recently and TSM is starting to get their playoff buff. Will TSM make it to finals or will they be eliminated from Worlds contention for the first time ever?


100 Thieves and FlyQuest commences the next day and will be an interesting one. FlyQuest and 100 Thieves have different styles of play, but their late game decision making have been equally up to par. 100 Thieves is known for their weak early game but methodical mid and late game. Flyquest has been more of a wildcard. The team can play around Wildturtle and play for late or create sporadic skirmishes across the map. The Kings of Late Game versus the Kings of Base Races play on Sunday and should be a banger.


This split, the first place team gets to choose which team they would like to play in semifinals. Team Liquid will most likely choose the weaker of the teams and leave Cloud 9 with the other. Cloud 9 is on fire as their last half of the split has been 8-1 win loss record. Team Liquid have been more consistent, but with their recent loss to TSM, people may think that C9 is the better team.


You won’t want to miss the beginning of playoffs for the NALCS. Catch all of the games starting on Saturday at 2pm PDT on Twitch!